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The All-in-one Subscription Box for Men

Good things shouldn’t be for girls only!

When it comes to self-grooming and beauty, men deserve special treatment as much as girls do. While women are far ahead in the self-care game than men, it is good to see that modern day men have started realizing that a little beauty treatment can go a long way in improving their appearance, giving their self-esteem a boost, and enhancing their overall personality.

At the Kingdom of Beauty, we truly believe that women shouldn’t be having all the fun in the beauty and personal care world. And this is exactly why we have something to make the ‘kings’ feel extra special! 

We offer an exclusive subscription box for men to cater to all your self- grooming needs. From special beard oil to high-end perfumes, we have everything that a man needs to make the perfect first impression when he walks into the room. If you are a man who wants to take his grooming game up a notch or a woman who is looking for the ideal gift for her man, we are sure that you’ll find our subscription box worthwhile.

Get ready to treat yourself or your loved one every month in the most luxurious way possible!

How Does It Work              

At the Kingdom of Beauty, we choose some of the newest and most luxurious products from reputable brands and put them all together to offer the monthly subscription box for you.

From skincare and hair care products to makeup items and colognes, we have it all! All you need to do is make and update your profile at the Kingdom of Beauty and leave it on us to find the right subscription box for you based on your taste and preferences.      

You demand, we deliver!

Our subscription box for men is guaranteed to be delivered at your doorstep with no unreasonable delays. You can experiment and play with the products and choose your personal favourites.

Who is it Ideal for?    

Our subscription box for men is a must-have kit for all the men out there who want to step up their personal care and grooming game. Our New Year resolution is to provide you with premium self-care products all at one place – you better hop on board now!      

Box Value

Our aim behind the monthly subscription box for men is to make the best of branded items available for you in one affordable product. Each box offers a value of above RRP £20, £50 and £80.    

Boasting a number of self-care and beauty products from both start-ups and popular brands, each of our subscription boxes is guaranteed to add a few items to your list of personal favourites.

Let’s give your grooming cupboard a makeover with our range of body creams, skincare products, and colognes. The products in our subscription box are bound to get everyone’s attention.

So, what are you waiting for? GET YOUR BOX for our subscription box NOW and explore new ways to transform a rough, wild appearance into a decent, classy look.

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