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The All-inclusive Subscription Box for Women

As the years pass by, the world of beauty and makeup continues to grow magnanimously. After every few months, you hear about a new startup launching, offering a wide range of impressive products for you to try. The beauty and makeup world is certainly on the boom and so are our services!

At Kingdom of Beauty, we help you keep up with the changing beauty trends and be up-to-date with newly launched makeup items.

2019 calls for the exploration of new beauty and makeup brands – while not leaving your favourite makeup items behind!

Do you also love the feeling of excitement when you get your hands on a free small beauty sample? Now just imagine getting a whole box of beauty and makeup products ranging from tiny treats to full-sized items!

Got an adrenaline rush already? Dive in to explore more about our monthly subscription box!

Our Monthly Subscription Box for Women

We know how crazy you are about makeup and beautification. And this is exactly why we have decided to launch our monthly subscription box for you!

What Do You Get?

At Kingdom of Beauty, we care about you like no other – your skin, hair, appearance… everything!

We deal in only the best skin care and hair care products to make sure that your skin glows like anything and that you’re able to flaunt your hair however you want. We also have premium-quality makeup products to turn you into a beauty diva!

Our subscription box for women is a full-package that has everything from high-quality skincare and hair care items to makeup items and fragrances. It offers an unbeatable combination of newly launched items and branded products, guaranteeing to leave you feeling curious and joyful!

Box Value

We don’t compromise on quality and value – and thus, each of our subscription boxes has a value of above RRP £20, £50 and £80. Now you can enjoy playing with deluxe makeup and beauty products every month!

Who Is It Ideal for?

Our monthly subscription box is specially designed for all women out there who wish to rock every single one of their looks from soft and natural to the full glam!

At Kingdom of Beauty, you are the beauty queen who deserves every bit of pampering and special treatment to look and feel beautiful.

Let’s revamp your makeup vanity with new and better beauty products!

We are announcing it loud and clear: good things come to those who sign up for our monthly subscription box! So, wait no more and GET YOUR BOX right now to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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